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In a hobby that is increasingly focuses on scaled proportions and add-on detail, United Model Distributors (UMD) took an unexpected and more traditional approach when they introducing their Industrial Rail products in 1998. For a brief time, UMD's Industrial Rail trains filled a need for high quality, affordable, O27 sized model train.

Among Industrial Rail's unique features, within the O27 market, were the availability of multiple road numbers and the use of modern road names. Their value priced rolling stock featured die cast metal trucks and wheels, operating couplers and accurately painted color schemes.

The quality and value of Industrial Rail trains helped to spark the creation of other popular O27 products such as K-lines's Train 19 and MTH's Rugged Rails. It also pushed Lionel into taking a second look at the quality of their own 027 offerings.

Although the the original Industrial Rail line is no longer in production, the legacy of these toy trains lives on. Blue Box Trains serves to preserve this unique and short lived period of O-gauge railroading history.

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IMG_3183 IMG_3356 idm-1005-90389-b idm-1008-180190-e idm-4006-44649-f idm-7502-8975-e

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